Some of My Favorite Healing Communities in the United States (So Far)

While it is essential for one to embark on their own self-healing journey independently, it is also incredibly helpful to surround yourself with others and communities that pride themselves on Healing.

Through my travels, below are 3 of my favorite Healing Communities in the United States that I’ve had the blessing to spend a great deal of time in and and connect with the beautiful individuals that reside there:

Manitou Springs, Colorado

This is the 1st Healing Community that I had ever visited back during my time in college when I was on family vacation. This community, in the gorgeous and magical land of Colorado, is none other than Manitou Springs.

Manitou Springs is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains near Pike’s Peak as well as Garden of the Gods and is known among the Native Americans that lived there as sacred, holy land.

Furthermore, the natural, ever flowing spring water that runs through town is known to be sacred and many have traveled the world to go visit Manitou Springs specifically for that reason. Manitou Springs’ water is something to write home about and is personally some of my favorite water that I’ve ever had.

The town itself has so much character and the vibe there is very, very special.  Manitou Springs is a place where adventurers and kindred spirits roam & explore the beauty that is Colorado.

From Anna’s Apothecary, to the Yerba Mate Factory, to TAV and everything in between, this community has a long, distinguished history as being a place where all are welcome and many go to attain Healing on their journeys. 

One of the most profound experiences that I ever had there is when I had the great blessing to AirBnB at a guest house on the back of the property of a local shaman during the Spring of 2016.

We sat together for Tea & Tarot, spoke at great length regarding life as well as had the opportunity for a Spirit Walk in Garden of the Gods. 

If you ever have the opportunity to travel in Colorado and are near Denver, I highly recommend stopping by Manitou Springs as it is about an hour south of Colorado’s capital. I think you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Yellow Springs, Ohio

My favorite small town in Ohio also happens to be one of my favorite Healing Communities in the United States. This town is none other than Yellow Springs.

Yellow Springs is known as a free-spirits paradise where artists and explorers come together to make a home that is quite unlike any other place that I have visited. The pace of life is considerably slower in Yellow Springs compared to other parts of the Midwest and even other parts of Ohio itself.

Surrounded by some of the best hiking in Southwestern Ohio, Yellow Springs is home to Glen Helen & John Bryan State Park. These hikes are some of the most unique that I have ever been on in any state and I think you’ll enjoy these places just as much as I do if not more!

From the House of Aum, to the Spirited Goat Coffee House (they have delicious herbal teas & Kava as well), to Dragon Tree Tattoos & Gifts and everything in between, the Healing vibe of Yellow Springs is magical and I will always hold this place near & dear to my heart. 

Nederland, Colorado

This historic mining town is filled with remnants of the Wild West and is presently home to one of my absolute favorite Healing Communities – Nederland, Colorado.

Nederland is roughly a half hour from Boulder, Colorado and sits at the foot of the Roosevelt National Forest. If you are looking to connect with Mother Nature while exploring some of the deepest parts of your own Self, you need not look any further than Ned.

The vibe in Nederland is incredibly captivating and yet very soothing. As it is in all of my favorite Healing Communities, there is truly no place like it. 

From the beautiful, vital mountain river that runs through town, to the Barker Reservoir and to the peaks of the mountains, Ned is flowing with Healing Energy everywhere you look.

In my opinion, as it is in all of Colorado, I whole heartedly believe that there is something here for everyone.

If you have the blessing of visiting Ned, I highly recommend stopping by one of my favorite herbalist stores – Alpine Botanicals.

I hope to have the opportunity and privilege of living in Ned one day. It will be a dream come true for sure.


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