Regenerative Detoxification

During our journey through the physical universe, achieving and maintaining bodily vitality is essential to our experience.

We will suffer no longer when we become aware of the infinite, eternal healing power that resides within us all.

As a Level I & II Certified Detoxification Specialist through Dr. Robert Morse’s International School of Regenerative Detoxification, it is my life’s work to honor the healing power innate within the human body.

My education centers around alkalizing, hydrating & detoxifying the body to promote an environment conducive with Cellular Regeneration.

Cleanse, Nourish & Strengthen.

A diet consisting of highly astringent fruits & nutritive herbs paired with pure, clean air & water promotes an environment where healing and regeneration can blossom. Plant the seeds and watch them grow.

I would be honored and blessed to provide you with Regenerative Detoxification Consulting consisting of: Customized Herbal Protocols, a Lymphatic Iridology Analysis Report, Regenerative Detoxification Consultation, Personalized Weekly Detoxification Plan and/or a Transition Diet Plan.

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