The Protein Myth

In today’s day & age, high protein diets are all the rage.

You have people eating animal protein (bacon & sausage, etc.) on top of animal protein (eggs) on top of plant protein (unsprouted white breads, etc.) and washing it down with a “super” protein workout shake. All in one meal. For breakfast, at that.

Why are people eating this way? To build “healthy muscles” and to get “their energy.” Or so they say and think.

Many fail to realize that the largest, strongest & most muscular animals eat incredibly simple diets. For example, look at Horses, they sustain primarily off grasses. The same goes for Cows as well (when they aren’t forced into subjugation). Even Gorillas & Grizzly Bears eat very simple diets that are mostly plant based.

Why are humans the exception?

The idea that the body needs to consume proteins in order to build proteins is like saying that cows need to drink milk in order to produce milk.

In my opinion, through my own personal research, high protein diets are wreaking havoc on the glands & kidneys quite unlike any other.

High protein diets are notorious for “locking up” the kidneys which in turns prevents them from adequately filtering acidic wastes to be eliminated by the body.

When the kidneys aren’t filtering metabolic and environmental wastes, the acid ash forming chemistry begins saturating, burning, dehydrating and chewing up bodily tissues left and right.

Furthermore, as a result, as one’s Endocrine Gland System begins going down, so does their inherent Spiritual Connection to the Astral / Spiritual Body.

Now back to the topic, so what exactly is a protein?

A protein, first and foremost, is a structure. In order for the body to utilize the energy from a protein (structure), it must first break down the protein into its simplest components (amino acids).

During this digestive process, the body expends incredible amounts of energy. Way more than it receives back in usable energy. In addition, proteins often putrefy and become highly toxic on the body due to their inability to be fully eliminated.

Many people around the world eat this way day in and day out, year after year, without giving it a seconds thought.

If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, attempt to eat a multiple course, high protein dinner (whether animal or plant or nut protein, each will have a similar effect) and let me know how tired and sleepy you are afterwards. Think of how many relatives we see around the Holidays who ingest a high protein meal and immediately fall asleep on the couch watching TV afterwards.

Additionally, let us not forget one of the most common difficult to digest proteins that is not from an animal, Gluten.

Gluten is incredibly sticky & makes a heck of a paste or glue, now you can imagine what this substance is doing to your digestive tract.

Furthermore, protein digestion is riddled with putrefaction and fermentation.

I’m sure all of us have met someone whose breath is so foul that it is difficult to engage in face-to-face conversation with them. Now why is that? It’s because their digestive tract is fuming with putrefying wastes & gases.

Over time, these highly toxic compounds are saturating healthy tissues and tilting the scales in the direction of acidity and resulting degeneration.

Acids weld, scar, inflame, dehydrate and break down tissues.

On the other hand, alkalis cool, cleanse, hydrate, promote fluidity and support healthy tissues.

What goes in your body, must also come out (elimination).

Creation never uses second-hand material in its building work. Living bodies are not constructed of used products. The protein and other elements in the food we eat, never become the protein and the other elements found in the tissues. That protein has served its purpose, is a used product, and is never used again by Creation in its constructive work until it has disintegrated and returned to its original gaseous state. That is the regular process by which used material becomes new material and ready for constructive purposes.
Long Life in Florida, pg. 213, Hilton Hotema


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