Humans are Frugivores

While unknown to most of the world, Humans are part of the family of the Frugivore species.

There are many who would contend this and say otherwise but if one observes the human anatomy & physiology from an unbiased perspective, the truth of this matter becomes exceedingly evident.

Our hands, feet, teeth, intestinal tract, colon, alkaline saliva, bi-pedal nature, etc. are all near mirror images of others in the Frugivore family.

Below is a chart that further discusses the distinctions and classifications of the various Species and how similar Humans are to the other Frugivores:

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In this way, Hilton Hotema shed light on the truth that man has indeed descended from the God Plane (Breatharian State) to his current Degenerative state on the Animal Plane and not the other way around as the Scientists who believe that man is an evolved primate and whose progression has been purely upward.

Living in Unison with what provides & sustains our Existence is Vital to the quality of our experience here in the Physical Realm.

Raw, Organic, Living Foods as Crafted by Mother Nature paired with Pure Water, Air & Sunlight are what sustain Life. Lacking in any one of those areas is Degenerative to the Mind, Body & Spirit at every level. If one seeks to observe the evidence of this in Nature, they need not look any further than how the vibrant plants that they often bring indoors begin to wilt & slip into decrepitude before perishing in the recycled, polluted air of the modern home in the Cold Zones during Winter.

Why do humans believe that what vitalizes them is any different than what vitalizes each and every other animal & plant on Earth?

As Human Civilization has estranged itself from and separated its Existence with Mother Nature, we have only sown the seeds of our own demise. The more we degenerate ourselves through our various addictions and unconscious habits, the more we degenerate our Environment (Mother Nature) at every level and the further we stray from our Spiritual Nature.

Up and down the fractal of Physical Existence is quite the ladder of sorts, isn’t it?

Salvation lies within the hearts of each being who strives to live in courage and fortitude to shine the Light.

Earth, Water, Air & Fire.

We all have so much to learn from the Elemental Forces as in observing these Vital Forces we observe our own Vital Forces.

When the body becomes adjusted to any certain state or substance, it cries out for it. Thus we build the condition and the world in which we live. To change our condition and our world, we must change ourselves. But that great lesson is not taught in the schools.
– Long Life in Florida, pg. 163, Hilton Hotema