The Journey to “Wellville” has been the sweetest, most gratifying Quest I’ve ever known.

To assist you on your Journey, I would be honored to provide guidance as your personal Regenerative Detoxification Consultant.

My Consultations are personalized on an individual basis. I will work with you, hand in hand, as we dive deep into the waters of Selfhood and Healing.

I have multiple years of personal experience navigating the waters of Regenerative Detoxification. It would be an honor to discuss with you the importance of alkalizing, hydrating, cleansing & regeneratively detoxifying. Healing begins within.

My Herbal Protocols, Neuro-Optic Iris Analyses, Personalized Weekly Detoxification Plans, Transition Diet Plans & Regenerative Detoxification Consultations are designed to guide you on how to promote healing within the physical body systemically at the cellular level.  

Whether you’d like to meet up with me in person somewhere along the shores of Lake Erie or you’d prefer a remote, long-distance Skype Session, FaceTime Appointment or Phone Call, I am here for you in whichever way is most convenient for you.