Recommended Reading Material

The truth will set you free.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces of literature regarding Regenerative Detoxification & Holistic Wellness:

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Dr. Robert Morse

Cosmic Science of the Ancient Masters, Hilton Hotema

The Mucusless Diet Healing System, Arnold Ehret

Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation, Arnold Ehret

Man’s Higher Consciousness, Hilton Hotema

The Great Law, Hilton Hotema

Long Life in Florida, Hilton Hotema

The Kingdom of God, Hilton Hotema

Why Do We Age, Hilton Hotema

Live Better, Hilton Hotema

The Great Red Dragon, Hilton Hotema

The Magic World, Hilton Hotema

The Facts of Nutrition, Hilton Hotema

Mystery of Man, Hilton Hotema

Awaken The World Within, Hilton Hotema

Iridology Simplified, Dr. Bernard Jensen

The Science and Practice of Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen

Iridology: The Science and Practice in the Healing Arts, Volume II, Dr. Bernard Jensen

The Magic Wand, Hilton Hotema

The Breath of Life And The Flame Divine, Hilton Hotema

The Glorious Resurrection, Hilton Hotema

The Soul’s Secret, Hilton Hotema

The Hidden Creator, Hilton Hotema

Son of Perfection, Hilton Hotema