Lymphatic Iridology Analysis Reports

They say that the eye is the mirror to the Soul, it is also a mirror reflecting the state of the Physical Body.

Through Lymphatic & Neuro-optic Iridology Analysis Reports, one can study the strength of an individual’s genetic constitution, the state of bodily systems & tissues as well as areas of lymphatic congestion/stagnation.

Lymphatic & Neuro-optic Iridology Analysis consist of a high-resolution photograph of the iris in both the left and right eye as well as a detailed report regarding each bodily system.

Iris Photographs paired with an in-depth Lymphatic/Neuro-optic Iridology Analysis Report are invaluable tools that provide a “road-map” to raise awareness of which areas of the human body will require the most work while implementing Regenerative Detoxification. Furthermore, this technique is essential in terms of tracking one’s progress throughout the course of their Journey.

I would be honored to provide you with a Lymphatic/Neuro-optic Iridology Report.