Pure Air is an Essential Vitalizing Force

Science places a considerable amount of emphasis on claiming that food is the energizing force and more often than not the necessity of pure, clean air is all but forgotten in its entirety.

Let’s take a moment to consider that humans can live a considerable length of time without food and/or water (i.e. the Fasting State), but we cannot live but more than a few minutes without air.

The Yogic Tradition sheds a great deal of light on the essential nature of clean, pure air and how higher state of consciousness can be attained through conscious breath work. In this way, the Yogic Tradition demonstrates that Prana, or Life Force, is in fact derived from the air we breathe.

In my opinion, the affect of air quality on Consciousness is incredibly profound as there lies a direct connection between higher states of awareness (Consciousness) and pure, clean air. Clean air nourishes the various glands of the body whereas polluted air can have powerful degenerative effects.

For many Americans, our access to clean air is very limited as we begin our day waking from our slumber in a room filed with stale, recycled air & the various gaseous emissions resulting from our exhalations, household chemicals, smoke, etc. Furthermore, upon leaving home for work, we continue our day driving in a car filled with stagnant air and the various gaseous emissions that leak into our cars from trucks & other vehicles on the road. Then, we arrive at work to sit in an office for a majority of our day & we are continually surrounded by the same devitalizing air of varied degrees.

We must not live in fear and shy away from Mother Nature and the Natural Forces that brought us into existence. Embracing that which created us is distinctly Vitalizing at every level (Physcial, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual).

Exploring, adventuring and simply spending time enjoying the Sun filled regions of Mother Earth where we interface directly with the power of pure air in meadows, alpine forests and coastal regions is something that I recommend to any and all people searching for the direct connection to Life Force.

What we breathe, think, feel, eat & drink is either building us up or breaking us down. If we wish to change the conditions of our Existence, we must first make the corresponding changes within ourselves.

. . . and my life’s work is to honor the great beauty all around you.
Gajumaru by Yaima