Master Key of Health: Kidney Filtration

Acids and stagnant lymph localization in cells, tissues, organs & glands leads to Degeneration.

Why do acids and lymph stagnate? Because they are depositing themselves throughout the body and not filtering through the kidneys.

As discovered by Dr. Robert Morse, if our body’s cells are not effectively & efficiently removing their wastes (elimination), the result is a sluggish & thoroughly constipated lymphatic system. The metaphors that I find particularly enlightening are that of a house with backed up plumbing or a city where the garbage services are neglected for an extended period of time, the result is Degenerative and the corresponding smell is fiercely offensive. Our body’s cells are no different. If wastes are not removed at the cellular level, the surrounding tissues begin to feel the effects of this constipation and resulting stagnation. In time, each bodily system begins to slip into a Degenerative state as a result.

With that being said, how does one reverse this process? Through hydrating, detoxifying, cleansing and alkalizing the body systemically.

What we do not eliminate, we retain.

In time, these wastes harden, dehydrate, inflame and deteriorate the cells that they surround.

To eliminate these wastes, our kidneys & adrenal glands must be functioning properly.

How does one strengthen, detoxify, rejuvenate and regenerate the kidneys & adrenal glands so that they may do the work that is assigned to them by Nature?

By incorporating a diet that consists of raw, highly astringent fruits and nutritive herbs.

Regenerative Detoxification.

Systemic Healing.

Cellular Regeneration.


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