Consciousness of Food

We often take for granted just how sacred it is to ingest something and allow it to enter in to our bodies.

For a majority of my life, my hunger and appetite were often insatiable. Raised on the Standard American Diet, congesting & mucus forming foods were the norm.

Until the day that I woke up and became aware of this.

A majority of human beings are ingesting dead & dormant foods on a daily basis and expect that these will bring about increased Health and Vitality. Sadly, for them, they could not be more wrong.

Dead foods are exactly as they sound. Dead.

The life force in these foods is no longer present as the animal’s vitality (awareness) has passed on from it’s body. The energy that is received from ingesting the dead flesh of an animal is the result of stimulation from the adrenaline released by the dying creature in its last few moments of life.

Additionally, the body expends more energy attempting to break down animal proteins than it receives back in usable energy. It is also important to consider that animal proteins are known to putrefy in the body and lead to fermentation in the colon.

Furthermore, the acceleration of the heart rate and other bodily functions that comes with ingesting these types of foods, as posited by Hilton Hotema, is the result of the body’s attempt to rid itself of these poisons as quickly as humanly possible. The same can be said for any stimulant (coffee, cigarettes, etc.).

On the other hand, dormant foods are exactly as they sound. Dormant (asleep).

The life force in these foods has not been activated and while they may allow one to survive for a period of time, they will not and cannot allow them to thrive. As designed by Nature.

With that being said, so what does one eat?

Pure, Living & Divine Foods (Raw Fruits, Berries, Melons & some Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds).

These foods are alive and filled with divine life force.

When you eat Fruit individually without other acid ash forming foods, you will feel the difference.

To me, it feels like I’m receiving Nature’s warm embrace – Love.

Life begets Life and Death begets Death.


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