Duality in the Physical Universe

Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Night and Day, Male and Female, Good and Evil, Beginning and End, Birth and Death, Regeneration and Degeneration, Alkalinity and Acidity.

We often forget that there are but Two Sides of Chemistry: Alkaline and Acid.

You may be asking, so what? What is your point?

My point is, Health is simple when you understand these Two Sides of Chemistry.

On one hand, acids and acid-ash forming foods – burn, weld, harden, dehydrate, deteriorate, inflame, irritate and degenerate cells & tissues.

On the other hand, alkalies and alkaline-ash forming foods – cool, soften, heal, hydrate, strengthen, promote fluidity and regenerate tissues & cells.

What we consume (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually) is either building us up or breaking us down.

It’s that simple.


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