Observing Truth in Every Phase of Existence

When you’re following your heart and inherent intuition, one can see how every action is both interconnected and interrelated.

We are all but mirror images of one another. Some shine the light while others resonate the darkness.

One of the best examples of this natural reciprocity inherent in Nature is our “Shadow Self.” Our Shadow Self is only a Shadow and mysterious to us if we do not shine our light upon it (consciously speaking). The Shadow Self refuses to be ignored and if he/she is not acknowledged, they will begin manifesting in both the conscious and unconscious mind(s).

In this way, in order to achieve a level of “Sanity,” one must “Sanitize” the mind, body & spirit on every level (physical, mental emotional & spiritual). I learned this lesson from Michael Tsarion and it has resonated with me very deeply ever since.

From my own experience, if my mind wasn’t sufficiently “sanitized,” I would have scoffed at the notion that raw fruits and nutritive herbs have the ability to promote healing. The reason being, if one does not “sanitize” at every level, they also will fail to “sensitize” at every level.

Why are people disinterested in Natural Law and Healing? In my opinion, because their ego is so strong & large that it’s defense system will not allow anything to shake its foundation.

The “truth” will break you down before it can build you up. Speaking from personal experience, I had to walk through “Hell” to cleanse the impurities (physical, mental emotional & spiritual) that would prevent me from seeing the “truth” as the “truth.”

Our suffering is only present to teach us a lesson. We are not here to suffer, we are here to experience the beauty of this life & ascend.

Furthermore, in my mind, our suffering is a cry from our “Authentic / Spiritual” Self that we are in need of cleansing, nourishing, strengthening and detoxifying. No amount of self-sadism in the form of running, burying and consequently ignoring this pain will ever result in Health & Vitality. As mentioned previously, the Shadow Self cannot and will not be silenced and will continue crying out until it’s message is heeded.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

– Buddhist Proverb